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Primewest is one of Australia’s most active and successful property fund managers and developers. We seek investments in real estate where an opportunity to add value is identified. We focus on stable income returns and long-term capital growth across a broad range of property sectors and non listed holdings. We are a licensed property fund manager that is wholly owned by the Executive Team. We invite like-minded participants to benefit from our management expertise and experience.


Byfields have not always been such a large firm with specialists spread across such a wide skill area. From humble beginnings in a small Northam office in the 1950’s, Byfields now services clients from offices situated in Perth, Northam, Merredin, Narrogin, Wagin, York and Beverley and is the largest CPA firm based in WA, consisting of nine directors and seventy-two staff.

Today at Byfields clients range from small/medium family businesses such as family farms, shop retailers to larger corporate clients. Approximately 60% of Byfields clients across the six offices are in the rural/farming industry, predominately in wheat and sheep farming but also in cattle, cereal grains, hay and all manner of primary produce.

Byfields commercial clients are mainly concentrated in their Perth office, with clients across all types of business including retail, real estate, transport, financial services and manufacturing. The firm also has numerous clients in the medical and associated professions and has developed a specialisation in the pharmaceutical industry.

The vast majority of clients are family businesses, whom are now benefiting from the Byfields expertise run on professional corporate lines involving business planning and the formalisation of procedures and responsibilities.

AsiaWorld shipping

AsiaWorld shipping services was established in 1983 and is wholly Australian owned. We offer husbandary agency services in all Australian ports and specialise in project and break bulk cargoes. We are able to prompt/detailed advise on all aspects of a port call including cargo handling and stevedoring costs.


Biolab (WA) Pty Ltd (trading as Biolab Precision Orthoses) was established in 1992 by Lewis and Evelyn Green. Evelyn graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia with Distinction in 1989, and completed her Post Graduate studies in 1995. She has been in private practice since 1990, and continues to keep up to date with the latest innovations and studies in Podiatry by attending and presenting at many conferences and seminars. Biolab quickly established itself as a manufacturer of high quality prescription podiatric orthoses. The company is built on a philosophy of accurate, reliable and innovative principles. Biolab now employs more than 20 staff, and services over 200 Podiatrists across Australia.

Southern cricket

Here at Southern Cricket we provide players with the cutting edge technology such as the Pro-Batter bowling simulator to give them real life experience while playing. we also have couple of jugs bowling machines and qualified coaches to support the technology and teach the players the art of cricket. The players come down and have a hit at the Pro-Batter and see for themselves the difference and now-a-days lot of cricketers using the pro-batter have resulted in improved performances and skills. We would be very grateful to provide a valuable service to your team. Looking forward to hear more from you.


Batfast gives you the chance to face bowlers at any venue and at any time! The machine uses slightly softer balls so you won’t lose time getting padded up; simply grab a bat and start whacking the ball!

There is also an interactive scoring system so that you can take on your mates, colleagues, team mates or whoever to find out who is the biggest hitter.

Batfast can be used for birthday parties, club functions, corporate days or any other event to provide a fun, exciting and different experience.

We are confident Batfast can make any event a special one.

Batfast can be set up almost anywhere. For smaller spaces we can use our marquee cage, or for something more eye catching you can use our impressive inflatable cage which will certainly catch the eye!